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Jennie Bedford Creative Beadworks offers a unique collection of handmade beaded jewellery for adults. Each item is created with attention to detail, component quality, and colour selection.

Please browse our gallery of completed jewellery items. If you see something you like but you would like a different colour, size, bead quality, or clasp, please contact us. We can custom-make the item for you.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, again, contact us and we will try to fulfill your wishes.

Bookmark this site because new and seasonal items are added regularly and you won't want to miss out!

Please note: Some manufactured items may not always be available.

WARNING: This product is for adult fashion use ONLY. Handle with care.

Choking Hazard: DO NOT put this product into your mouth, or swallow or ingest it. Children and animals (including birds) MUST NOT play with, bite, chew, suck, or rip this product. 

Jewellery products with magnetic clasps are NOT SUITABLE for use by people with pacemakers or other magnetic-sensitive implants or equipment. All other consumers must use EXTREME CAUTION to ensure that the magnetic clasps are not placed on or near metal surfaces. Other fastening devices are available. 

Neither Jennie Bedford Creative Beadworks nor Tusker International (Creative Works) Ltd. can be held liable for any injuries sustained as a result of misuse of the product. 

Jennie Bedford Creative Beadworks
A Division of Tusker International (Creative Works) Ltd.

Made in Canada
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